The First and Still the BEST Dinner Dance.

Private Indoor/Outdoor Venue
4 Course PLATED Dinner
Unlimited Beer, Wine and Soda.
Live Entertainment and DJ'd Dancing.
Charity Chinese Auction.
Community Charity Awards.
(PLUS: FREE PARKING!, Convenient to LIRR Deer Park [not like those other beachside events])

Discounts for Tables of 10!
Dress to Impress • Leather Encouraged, Never Required.

A funny thing happened on the way...

For the last 25 years, the men of the Long Islands Ravens Motorcycle Club have done their best to be a strong member of the Long Island GLBT community. We live by our creed of "Brotherhood, Loyalty and Pride". We have supported and lent aide, both in man-power and monetarily, to our community friends and organizations. Our assistance has been important to many, and their friendships have been one of our greatest rewards.

Simply begun by a group of friends at a private party in Connecticut, they recognised the need and place for a gay men's fraternal group on Long Island, which welcomed and encouraged those who felt outside of the mainstream GL community due to their more exotic sexual expression and interest in what was the "butcher/darker" side of gay lifestyle, usually associates with Tom of Finland art and movies like CRUISING. After the closing of the L.I. Spuds mens group, who set the groundwork for us in the 1970s and 80ss, the Ravens took up the flag of the now growing network of "Gay Leather Backpatch" clubs that were organizing nationwide after the cloud of HIV/AIDS was running through the community.

At first, much of our outreach was directed toward those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and supporting those grassroots organizations who were lending aid and support, like Thursday's Child, PWAC-LI and the Stony Brook Hospital AIDS unit "Floor 16". Further along though our history we recognised that other groupd with cutural impact and visibilty, were also in need of assistance for funding and support. We have been happy to assist and hope that we will continue to do so for another 25 years.

This special milestone anniversry has been hard fought and has depended on the brotherhood and commeraderie of it's member and board. Our founding President Al Lawrence set us on a course which those of us who have worn the patch are proud of. Like any family, we've had our differences but always supported the organization in moving forward. We still offer our brotherhood to kindred spirits and hope to welcome more as we proceed in these troubling times.

Please come join in the celebration of our first 25 years and usher in the next 25!